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Preseason Dryer Prep

  • Make sure the dryer is cleaned out and free of any debris.
  • Check all connections, gas and electrical, for any loose fittings, tighten as needed.
  • Run all motors to ensure their operation.
  • Check all drive belts and chains for wear, replace as needed or have a spare on hand.
  • Lubricate all points that can be lubricated.
  • Test fire dryer to ensure it is ready to run when needed.

  • Don’t forget to clean all drying & material handling equipment after you finish harvest and before it gets cold. Grain left in exposed equipment will rot, which will lead to a shortened life of your equipment.
  • Lubricate the air lock on air systems with vegetable oil to keep it from rusting in the off-season.
  • If you are planning on holding your grain into the spring, you need to cool your grain to below 50°F this fall. The cooler grain will inhibit mold/insect activity, and allow for a better end product.