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Portable Stack Dryer

GSI Portable Grain Dryer Literature

GSI Portable Grain Dryers

Efficiency meets capacity on a small footprint. GSI has been and will continue to be the market leader in grain drying technology. We built our first Portable Dryers in 1988 and delivered the first computerized controls in 1993. Three generations of computerized controls later, we lead the industry in control technology.

Vision controls offer simple operation, with an easy-to-read large color graphical touch display. Located on the dryer or remote with a few wires, these controls are design specifically for GSI grain dryers, giving you unmatched options and settings to get exactly what you need from your dryer control.

Our grain inverters move all but the outside two inches of grain, promoting higher test weights, maximum grain quality, and reduced fuel usage. The 2 inches of wet grain is dried using the heat that would have otherwise escaped the dryer. When using inverters, you eliminate over-dried grain and maximize drying efficiency as well as grain quality as you simplify your operation with a convenient clean-out door for easy and quick maintenance.

Improve your moisture sample accuracy with the new Static Moisture Sampler. Our sampler only takes readings when the grain is static and not flowing and features debris guards to ensure a trash free, accurate sample.