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Distributor Controls: EDI-C7

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The patented EDI-C7 system is the most advanced distributor control on the market. First introduced in 1994, this control has evolved a rich set of operator friendly and highly intelligent operating features that set it apart from all others. No longer are numerous limit switches and the associated expensive wiring required. With no individual switch adjustments to make and maintain,  installation and setup is a breeze. In the standard configuration for stand alone operation, there is nothing else to buy. Our EDI-C7 system consists of an efficient and compact drive and reading mechanism at the distributor that assures low maintenance and all weather operation. A 3-phase fractional horsepower motor and torque limited gearing provide highly reliable and rapid positioning, yet can handle mechanical jams without damage to any of the drive components. The distributor drive is operated by the EDI-C7 electronic control. This control is a major upgrade to the earlier versions of our EDI controls. Building on the success of its predecessor, the EDI-C7 is a complete re-design of the electronic and electrical components using the latest in microprocessor, memory and drive components. When using the optional UIO interface module, you can easily integrate the EDI control with a PLC or computer so that one or many distributors can be operated from a single industry standard communication port. The most important feature when doing this is that the PLC only requests a position. The distributor control is responsible for all of the moving and reporting of the spout position, eliminating this burden from the PLC. The UIO allows many protocol options for PLC communication.